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Manufactured with pride by Multiraya Indah Abadi, Hoover has been delivering high quality tableware since 1979.

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When it comes to my children tableware, I am very particular as it concerns my children’s well-being. The ease of using shatterproof, sturdy and lightweight tableware must not compromise my children’s health. Thanks to Hoover Melamine Plates, I can be rest assured that I am giving the best tableware for my children!

Siska Kusumawati


I love how Hoover Melamine keeps their products balanced in terms of its design, simple and classic yet innovative. As I tend to opt for white for my tableware, I love to pick variety of shapes that I can mix and match with, and I can only find my favorite from Hoover Melamine products!

Ayu Lesmana


7 years ago, I purchased “Red Longevity” collection from Hoover Melamine to be used in my restaurants. Today, the same plates are still used to serve my customers. To my surprise, the printed pattern does not fade at all. Also, through daily vigorous usage the plates remain chip free, very durable indeed! Truly, the name “Red Longevity” precisely describes the plate performance.

Kok Sim

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