Safety Concern

Yes. As tested by FDA (U.S Food & Drug Administration), ‘Real’ melamine tableware made of ‘melamine formaldehyde’ is considered as safe to withstand food and drinks served between -20°C to 120°C., therefore restricted to microwave and ovens use.

More importantly, customers should also look out for ‘food grade’ recognition and SNI 7322-2008 certification, as this imply that the product has met strict quality requirement, laboratory and thermosetting resin tested, therefore guaranteed to be free of toxin.

‘Fake’ melamine, although has closely identical physical appearance, uses dangerous substance named “urea formaldehyde” which is an acidic foaming agent that could be migrated even under normal use. Consequently, leading to higher risk for kidney stones.

All Hoover Melamine products are made of 100% pure melamine and have fulfilled laboratory test according to SNI 7322-2008 standards and approved as food grade. Therefore you can be rest assured that our products are free of toxin. Our certification can be checked as we engrave it at the back of our products.

Custom Request

Of course, our team of expert designers has designed tableware ranging from casual to elegant style, everyday to every special event. We offer unique shaped plates that would add excitement to your dishes . Inspired from traditional slate board, we also have it ready for your Café and even imprint Logo and patterns on request.

Yes. Typically created by request, we also create special collections that mimic the appearance of ceramic dinnerware. Even customizable in colors and pattern, you will definitely be satisfied with the perfect high-end dinnerware suited to your restaurant theme.

Product Use

Melamine is especially demanded for its unbreakable construction. Unlike typical porcelain, it will not shatter if dropped. Saving you from significant amount of replacement costs over time! Moreover, it is extremely resistant to scratch marks from cutlery such as forks, knives. For additional durability, select models with a reinforced rim and foot such as < Insert product here>

Yes, it can safely withstand hot and cold food between -20°C to 120°C. Also, melamine is an insulator and not a conductor. On that account, it has the advantage of maintaining temperature longer than other kinds of plastic, and yet melamine is not susceptible to change in temperature.
When used to serve hot foods, it remains cool to touch. Thus, provide protection to restaurant servers and diners from burn hazards. Thanks to its heat-resistant attributes, melamine is also extensively used for kitchen tools such as melamine ladle in serving hot soups and boiling water.
As Ideal for cold food applications, melamine food platters and serving trays are widely used for deli displays, salad bars, and buffet.

General Care

YES : Hoover melamine is commercial dishwasher safe. For optimum cleaning and care of your melamineware, please follow dishwasher manufacturer’s instructions in terms of placement, detergent quantity and wash strengths.

Cleaning melamine products as soon as possible is advisable, as it will save you from the need of de-staining.

By nature, it is very hard for our melamine product to be chipped. But do inspect and if found, immediately remove it.

To remove sticker residue, we recommend soaking in warm soapy water for about 1 hour.

NO : Do not use any melamine products to heat beyond 160°F or direct flame. Melamine products are not Microwave and Oven safe.

NO : Do not use harsh scouring products such as metal pads or steel wool to clean off food or stains as they can cause scratch.

NO: To prevent damage to melamine products, do not use abrasive cleaner such as nail polish remover or chlorine bleach.

NO: Never overload your dishwasher rack as it increases the risk of chipping and scratching your melamine product.

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